Tribeur is the home of luxurious crafts from around the world. It’s a curated shop offering beautiful and ethically crafted work from independent designers and makers from here an afar. We are dedicated to promote luxuriously crafted fashion accessories and homeware while supporting traditional artisan practices.


Invented adjective merging the words Tribe / Urban (pronounced / ‘traɪb.er’) to describe someone who does not belong to one culture or continent. Someone whose personal style is an international identity never bound to one place.


Anne-lise fotso, founder

It was in 2017 that the idea for Tribeur began to take shape. I launched our first pop-up in London offering ethically sourced fashion from around the world and the positive reaction from our customers was overwhelming! After a difficult time involving career uncertainty and struggling to maintain a healthy work/life balance, I decided to embrace the principles of slow living by taking the time to do things properly, and thereby enjoy them. It was only normal for me to change my ways and adapt to a more sustainable way of living. I’ve always had a passion for craftsmanship and a flair for unique travel finds. And what inspires me about Tribeur is that it gives me the chance to change perceptions about crafts but also an opportunity to connect people in a global context through the story behind a product. More than anything else I’m interested to build a better business, both mindful, stylish and ethical that takes all the best and authentic things that are created by skilled artisans.

Born and raised in Paris, I’ve been lucky enough to call many places around the world home. The three continents in which I have worked and lived have inspired me deeply – their people, their style, their culture.  After graduating from Parsons School of Design in New York and a professional background in fashion, international development and non-profit sector, I have seen how ethical and sustainable approaches to fashion can maximise the benefits for local communities and the environment. 

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