Ro-Leafy Bracelet by Adele Dejak

Ro-Leafy Bracelet by Adele Dejak

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Adele Dejak unites style and substance with a commitment to exceptional quality. This Ro-Leafy Brass Bracelet combines her signature use of recycled brass for delicately, subtle style. A beautiful, unique and special bracelet inspired by Kenyan tribal artifacts and the courage that these pieces were traditionally meant to bring on the wearer.

The Ro-Leafy Brass Bracelet piece sits on the forearm loosely and look amazing when stacked. Not only is it Eco-friendly and hand made from recycled brass in Kenya but it is favorite for many.

Amazing value for money!

  • Material: Brass

  • Diameter: 7.7 cm

  • Weight: 86 g

  • Made in Kenya

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