During a time when the market is dominated by mass produced products, it’s refreshing to see that the talents of hardworking artisans aren’t being overlooked. That year has taught us that consumers are getting bored by conveyor belt products, instead favouring goods which come with a story, hard work and hand craft behind them.

And with the continued efforts of these artisans, who strive to combine much-loved traditional techniques with technologies, at risk crafts are being kept alive, and we couldn’t be happier about it. In fact, this very ethos of keeping the creative industries at the forefront of everyone’s minds, is at the very heart of everything that we at Tribeur do.

In a series of articles, serving to highlight the modern artisans that we’re proud to house, today we’re turning our attention to the simply, one-of-a-kind, Adele Dejak.

When it comes to materials, expect the unexpected. Adele’s use of recycled brass, bone, ostrich shell and traditional cloth ensures a line of sculptural fashion accessories unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Her bold, powerful designs reflect her defining sense of the strong contemporary Africa woman and desire to offer women true statement pieces which become the focus of their attire. In fact, everything that she creates is based on the motto: OWN YOUR STYLE, which is something we firmly believe everyone should do.

Sitting at the forefront of the premium African luxury movement is Adele’s highly acclaimed collection of jewellery, where subtle pieces are perfectly balanced with statement offerings to ensure the feeling of empowerment by the wearer. 

Combining her Nigerian roots with European influences has ensured her never-ending quest for that essential artifact that allows the owner to express her own unique style. Adele’s fascination and intrigue in the natural beauty of the horn sparked an experiment with techniques of creating unique shapes and fashioned pieces, which continues to shine through in her work.

When you shop and wear an Adele Dejak piece, you are making a statement to the world – a statement about your own identity as a person and your pride in supporting an artisan, which never compromises on quality, craftsmanship or style.

We are proud supporters of the fashion forward designer, and we hope that you love her inspiring work as much as we do.