5 reasons to buy handcrafted gifts this Christmas

Gifting is an art and the sign that unique attention to detail has been paid.

 Here, at Tribeur, we want you to have great choice among items that are unique and authentic and so we’re turning our attention to the the art of handcrafted. If you crave to give your friends and family gifts with a difference, check out just a handful of reasons why luxurious craft items are top of our wish list this Christmas…

Bush Princess

Bush Princess

1.     Show your support

When you buy handcrafted, your money goes a long way. As well as supporting an artisan, their local economy and community will receive the effects of your spend too. Plus, you’ll be helping create a market for jobs. A recent study revealed that if every consumer shifted 10% of their spend to locally owned businesses, hundreds of new jobs would be created.



2.     Quality shines through

When you buy handcrafted goods, you get just that… items that are crafted, with love, by hand. Gifts are made with the mentality of building to last, not created with the ethos of cheap and cheerful. Mass produced goods have a tendency to fall apart after a year or two, but with handmade, you are getting longevity. You are giving someone a gift to enjoy for the rest of their lives, and that really is priceless.



3.     Support a unique skill

The thing about savoir-faire, is that it’s an art. Everyone who produces handcrafted goods is an artist in their own right, and in buying it, you’re supporting and enhancing their unique skill. With technology rapidly replacing people, seek comfort in keeping handcrafted creative goods a financially feasible career choice for many.



4.     Uniqueness prevails

There’s no doubt about it! Luxurious craft goods open up a world of options you probably never considered before. Items are cool, trendy and unique, with a one-of-a-kind quality that’s met with awe upon opening. And because it’s so different, the recipient will find themselves being asked by everyone where it’s from. Handmade posses that power.


credit: Artesan by Anne-Lise Fotso

credit: Artesan by Anne-Lise Fotso

5.     Personalisation potential

If you’re buying directly from the creator, there’s the potential for personalization. Nothing shows your attention to detail more than a customised gift. By choosing savoir-faire, you’re already buying one-of-a-kind and by putting an added level of personalisation to it, it really won’t be like anything else out there.

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