Modern Artisans : SOKO Made in Kenya

Photo Forbes

Photo Forbes

Although a good artisan don’t necessarily enjoy the status of being an artist, we’d like to think that craftsmanship is part of artistry.

Whether it’s woven textile in Senegal or crafting leather shoes in Italy, what craftsmen – and artists – have in common is passion and the work required in the development of their art. They have a deep knowledge of the materials they use and complete mastery of manual skills.  It’s not about price. Well-crafted and effective objects don’t have to be expensive anymore. But having a sense of who made the things that we own gives a great sense of pleasure – which is priceless. TRIBEUR wants to take an inside look at the passionate, gritty work of modern-day artisans and explore standards of luxury in both European and African brands.

Soko is a social entreprise and fashion and tech brand created in Nairobi and driven by a passion for artisanship and women empowerment. Technology links a community to shoppers worlwide, while the brand makes craftmanship relevant in a modern and hectic lifestyle. This doesn’t mean that style has to be sacrificed. On the contrary, real artisans are true artists as soon as they manage to combine functionality and the aesthetic. It is also a way to connect to a culture, preserve traditions and support local communities.


Soko offers a carefully selected range and varied collection of artisan-designed pieces made from sustainable materials. At TRIBEUR, we have a love for beautiful things and thrive on the stories behind them. We have noticed that we often sacrifice craftmanship because it is considered expensive but objects made with care and passion are often long-lasting possessions that we can cherish and enjoy. While we may recognise the value of something that has been expertly constructed, we often choose the cheap and easy option instead. This is about giving artisans a space in our wardrobe and in our lives. We had a great time browsing their website and picking our favorites. We hope that you will enjoy them too!